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Revolutionary Letter Fitting Technology

AMV Slovakia is bringing new technology for fitting letters. It is a special drilling device AMV® VR1 developed for easy, low cost drilling at high speed with long service life diamond drill bits. It surpassed the highest expectations and its quality was recognized at exhibition STONEMASON 2005.

Software Package for Letter Fitting

We offer a complete letter fitting kit with a software package. Besides AMV® VR1 drilling devices customers are offered high quality drilling bits (diameters 3, 4, 5mm) and HoldStone – special glue for sticking stone and metal components together.

AMV® Design Studio software package for letter fitting makes an indispensable aid for computer assisted modeling of new gravestones, creating and printing templates, generating technical drawings and even processing orders for AMV. The software package features a very convenient and pleasant user environment.

The newest products

Have you seen our newest products? You are welcome to see them.
    - cast letters (Romano and Cyrillic alphabet)
    - recessed vase (40 mm)
    - tall vase (260 mm)
    - 4 roses

AMV Hungary

We are glad to see an ever increasing interest in our products not only in Slovakia but also abroad, where we are getting more and more of the market share. Our subsidiaries abroad are helpful in our effort to meet the customers’ demands in their own country. A new recently opened subsidiary in Hungary with shops in Budapest and Győr operate with two traveling dealers and they are equipped with a suitable number of vehicles to meet transport needs.

Free know-how

We provide our customers with specialist courses, free of charge to give them opportunities to acquire more knowledge on our products. The courses are organized for both individuals and groups. Our long-established open house days are another source of useful information as well.

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