Materials and Surface Treatment

Running the galvanic shop, made by one of the most established manufacturers, we are working hard to create conditions to ensure the longest lifetime for our products, which is guaranteed by the fact that every single item has to undergo up to 40 technological processes.

Our technological equipment features a brand new line for bronze surface treatment, whose results surpass the corrosion resistance test in salt spray chamber above 1000 hours. It is a unique technology presently used only in the automotive industry. We believe that only strict requirements on production technology enable us to bring you products which meet the highest demands.

The quality of the raw materials undoubtedly contributes to the overall quality and durability. For this single reason we purchase raw materials only from certified manufacturers and they are exposed to strong quality tests in our company. In our stamping program we use austenitic stainless steel and in cast program brass Ms58, which is alloyed according to the needs of production and laboratory results.

Layers of protection

- kataforetic lacquer
- color treatment
  (gold, black gold)
- nikel
- duplex mat nikel
- brass