Installation of AMV letters

os??dzanie p?sma AMV


Letter fitting technology

AMV Slovakia comes to the market with an innovative technology, which fundamentally alters the letter fitting processes. It is a special drilling device AMV® VR1 developed for easy, low cost drilling at high speed with long service life diamond drill bits, surpassing the highest expectations. It takes development and improvement in technology a lot further, and its quality did not remain unnoticed by professionals. Immediately after introduction, it was awarded a Diploma for the Best Product at exhibition Kamen??r 2005 (Stonemason 2005).

Drilling Device AMV® VR 1

  • drilling a hole in 5 seconds
  • smooth, no chipped hole surface
  • dust-free drilling
  • easy to operate
  • very low drilling cost
  • awarded a Diploma for the Best Product at exhibition Kamen??r 2005 (Stonemason 2005).
  • patented by the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic

Diamond Drill Bits

  • diameters of 3, 4 and 5 mm
  • service life up to 1000 holes
  • convenient gripping
  • high quality

Two Component Glue

  • special adhesive for bonding natural stone and metal
  • low price
  • long life
  • applicable in humid environment
  • special applicator for convenient work


Software Package for Letter Fitting

We offer a complete letter fitting kit with a software package. In addition to drilling device AMV® VR1, customers are offered high quality diamond drills (diameters 3, 4 and 5 mm) and special adhesive for bonding natural stone and metal.

AMV® Design Studio software package for letter fitting makes an indispensable aid for computer assisted modelling of new gravestones, creating and printing templates, generating technical drawings and even processing orders for AMV.


Free Know-How

We provide our customers with free of charge specialist courses to give them opportunities to acquire more knowledge on our products. Courses are organized on request for both individuals and groups. Our long-established open house days are another source of useful information as well.

Have you got any questions or problems? If so, please feel free to contact us.