About Us

AMV Slovakia, located in Nové Zámky, Slovak Republic, is a family enterprise with a 20-year tradition in manufacturing gravestone accessories. Our origins date back to 1989 when we started manufacturing the first lanterns.
During our existence, we have managed to build a reputation for our products and now we are the largest manufacturer of gravestone accessories in Eastern Europe. We have our own sales offices in Slovakia, Hungary and in the Czech Republic. Our products are also sold in other European Union countries.

We have our own technology, manufacturing and human potential, without the need for cooperation, and a modern management information and production planning system. All production takes place in our premises, from product design through manufacturing of molds and tools, finishing, casting, to the very assembly and dispatch to the customer.

Our goal is the highest product quality, and production with the highest priority - Satisfied Customers.



NEW NEW Lantern L54 - granit-metal
The new collections of gravestone accessories and a new font The new collections of gravestone accessories and a new font We are entering the market with three new compact collections of gravestone accessories – VERBENA, KAMELIA and SERENA. The new typeface named ELEGANTS appropriately complements them in design, colour, and material. Our new products meet high-quality requirements and are the most appropriate option for cemetery architecture in the present day. In addition, they are affordable and accessible to almost all customers. Therefore, we believe that everybody can choose from our offer of gravestone accessories to their liking and will be happy with them for great many years. For more information, please visit our new catalogue "With respect for the dearest and nearest" located on this website.
The new collection of gravestone accessories - 2011 The new collection of gravestone accessories - 2011 We are presenting you a new collection of gravestone accessories characterized by their proven shape and an exceptional, timeless design. High quality is guaranteed by the surgical stainless steel from which the accessories are made, and good quality galvanic surface treatment in our coloured product assortment. Attachment
RAPIDFIX RAPIDFIX Mounting set, which combines components necessary for fixing the lanterns and vases with 3M VHB tape in practical packaging. Attachment
News News 3D printer – New in the Tool Shop. Z Printer 650 V is now the fastest 3D printer with the best color quality and finest resolution in the field of 3D color printing technology. Attachment